Epson Stylus NX430: Lots of Features Packed into a Small, Affordable Multifunction

Compact Design

The first major feature anyone will notice about the Epson Stylus NX430 color inkjet multifunction is how small it is. As part of Epson’s new “Small in One” line of multifunctions, this printer is designed for portability and for saving space. At 15.4 x 11.8 x 5.7 inches and weighing less than 9 pounds, the NX430 is about the size of your DVD player, so it won’t take up a lot of room in an already cramped home office.


While this “Small in One” is certainly compact, Epson still managed to get everything in there that anyone in the market for an affordable printer would want. Aside from printing documents and high quality, smudge-free photos, it scans at an exceptional 2400 dpi and also copies. The NX430 is a breeze to set up either via USB or with a simplified wireless setup.

The main feature that will appeal to most buyers, however, is the price. The Epson Stylus NX430’s MSRP is $99.99 but can be found online for under $80, making this a major bargain for anyone in need of a printer who doesn’t want to spend a lot. Another feature for budget-conscious printer buyers is the NX430’s ink cartridge layout. It uses individual color cartridges, so only the ones that actually run out need to be replaced.

Mobile Printing Options

Smartphones are quickly replacing digital cameras for everyone’s on-the-go photography needs. Epson has met the necessity to print from mobile devices with its Epson Connect feature. On the Stylus NX430 printer, users with smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices can print photos, attachments and more without the need to connect a cable. There’s also a built-in card slot and an easy-to-use LCD touch screen for mobile camera with memory cards. Both of these options mean anyone can print to the NX430 without a computer.

Built-In Photo Processing

The previously-mentioned built-in LCD touch screen features a user friendly interface where just about anyone can perform basic photo editing. Red eye reduction, cropping, underexposed or overexposed image correction and even photo restoration can all be done with a few taps on the easy-to-read 2.5 inch screen.

The Final Word

Available for under $80 and packed with so many features in its tiny frame, the Epson Stylus NX430 is a can’t-miss prospect. Anyone in the market for a new printer on a budget should certainly give the “Small in One” a try.

How to get cheaper ink cartridges

How to get cheaper ink cartridges

Printers may be quite affordable today but the cost of print ink cartridges can sometimes be very expensive. Now getting the right print ink cartridge is just as important as getting the right printer. Although there are many affordable printers that are available today, brand labeled ink cartridges still cost a lot to replace, however, there is an alternative. Third party manufacturers now make ink cartridges that can be used in most printers, whether laser or inkjet. Finding laces that anyone can find cheaper ink cartridges without spending too much money is not an easy task though because the market is quite complex.

Most people go for after-market cartridges because they cost less and they are usually easier to be replaced than the branded cartridges. If you are looking for affordable and lower priced cartridges, your best bet might be to check for aftermarket or third party cartridges. These usually cost far much less than branded ink cartridges and can save you a lot of money. Depending on the kind of printer that you are looking for, there are a number of places that you can find cheaper ink cartridges.

Established office supply retailers – Office supply chains usually stock a good number of third party cartridges at reasonable prices. These retailers do provide quality products and can often guarantee a quality product because of their reputation of being office supply chains.

Online Vendors – there are a number of online vendors that specialize in cheap ink cartridges that can beat even the office supply chain stores’ prices. These online vendors sometimes stock new cartridges or refillable cartridges. It is always important to ask what kind of cartridges the online vendor sells, especially if you are dealing with them for the first time. Ordering online is different from buying the cartridges in person so it would be helpful to find out what is being offered.

Once you have decided where you will get your cartridges from, you must ensure that you will find the specific type of cartridge that your printer uses. Be sure to check the warranty and the quoted page count that the printer ink cartridge that you get can output. This will help you to judge its performance.

While some people may argue that ink cartridges made by third party manufacturers do not always do the job, the truth is that finding the right ink cartridge is not about price but about brand quality. There are a number of reputable third party manufacturers whose ink cartridges last longer than other brands, though priced lower than printer brand cartridges.

Tips For Maintaining Your Printer

Printers help us communicate in print with others. Many do much more. All-in-one printers also fax important documents, copy those precious pictures of family and friends and scan documents into the computer so they can be kept or shared. Printers, like any technical and mechanical device, requires care and upkeep. Proper care will make the printer last longer and produce a better quality of product. Here are some ways to keep your printer in peak condition.

At one time or another, every printer jams. Even when you remove the offending paper, bits and pieces are often left behind. The first tip for maintaining your printer is to keep it clean. At least every couple of months, or more if you use the printer a great deal, clean out the paper pieces and dust. Remove anything that doesn’t belong. Compressed air can help you get into the nooks and crannies of the printer.

Choose the right paper. Use a quality paper that minimizes paper jams of the printer. While a good 20lb paper works in the printer, a 24lb paper will be less likely to jam. Check paper used to make sure it is not bent or damaged in any way. Damaged or low quality paper increases the risk of paper jams. Invariably, when removing the paper, pieces are torn off and are often difficult to find, reach and remove. Paper jams can also harm the sensitive, fine-tuned mechanism of the printer.

Fold in protruding trays. While it is convenient to leave paper trays extended even when not in the process of printing, doing so can cause a problem should you swing around and bump the tray. Most trays are not that substantial and can be damaged or broken by leaning against or bumping them. When the paper tray is not in use, always fold it into the printer.

Use labels meant for the printer. Use good-quality labels. An off-brand, cheap product can peal off during the printing process and damage the printer. Because labels have an adhesive surface, labels that peal off become firmly attached, almost fused, to rollers and other delicate printer parts and do damage. Removing these labels can be a nightmare and require a trip to the computer repair store.

Replace rollers, cartridges and other parts as needed to keep the printer running at peak efficiency. Don’t wait until all you get is a hum and an error message.

The Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4530 Inkjet All-In-One: The Stingiest Inkjet Money Can Buy

Inkjet printers are the bane of many homes and offices throughout the country, due in large part to their atrocious ink usage and unreliability. A lot of electronics vendors will usually sucker you into getting a cheap or even free inkjet printer when you buy a new PC. What seems like a good deal at first often devolves into a nightmare, as you end up paying an arm and a leg over the lifetime of the machine in ink and repair costs. If you’re looking for the best inkjet on the market, you need look no further than the Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4530.

Features and Hardware
As a true, all-in-one multi-function printer, the Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4530 is capable of anything you throw at it. It features fax capability, a scanner, and Wi-Fi all in one relatively compact package. With a 250 page tray capacity, the WorkForce Pro WP-4530 can print for weeks without needing to be restocked. Running off of the standard black-yellow-magenta-cyan cartridge combination, this Epson is notoriously stingy when it comes to ink usage. Weighing in at 30.4 pounds, the WorkForce Pro is a heavy unit. But that weight brings with it a degree of stability that’s lacking in many inkjets.

Performance and Reviews
The entire WorkForce Pro line is famous for being extremely economical, boasting printing costs that are 50% less than comparable color laser printers. Results from average, everyday users appear to confirm those numbers. The WorkForce WP-4530 prints black and white pages at 1.6 cents per page, and color pages at 7.9 cents per page. As far as user feedback and reviews are concerned, the WP-4530 is one of the most well-received inkjet printers on the market at the moment. Currently holding down a four and a half star rating on Amazon, it’s tough to find anyone with anything bad to say about it.

Final Thoughts
Aside from its rock-solid reliability and terrific value, the Epson WorkForce features additional selling points that make it a great proposition. Consumers can purchase extra-capacity ink cartridges for the WorkForce line, allowing them to print up to 4 reams of paper without a refill. While it’s a touch pricey for home users at over $200, you ultimately get what you pay for. What you get with the WorkForce WP-4530 is one of the most competent inkjets available. The savings in toner costs over the life of the machine alone is reason enough to consider it. In any event, the Epson WorkForce WP-4530 should be on everybody’s short list of potential inkjet printers.

How to get cheaper ink cartridges

How to get cheaper ink cartridges

Having a printer is a great thing but the cost of maintaining a printer is sometimes hard. The market for ink cartridges is huge and very competitive. Finding cheap cartridges is something that a lot of people do because of the cost of replacing cartridges can sometimes outweigh the cost of having a printer.

Regardless of what type of printer you use, there are some affordable alternative ink cartridges that are available that can replace the brand name cartridges. There are some things that you should know about finding ink cartridges first though.

Find the Source: Because of the market that is available for ink cartridges, it can be hard to navigate and find out where the cartridges that people buy are from and if they are actually perform as advertised. Asking what kind of cartridges you are getting will help you to make a solid decision on whether you want to get the cartridges or not.

Do some research on the cartridge model: It can be difficult to find the right cartridge without the right cartridge number and model, it is always helpful to find the cartridge model beforehand and do your research online. This will prepare you to know where you will buy the cartridge. Some cartridge models are usually cheaper than other models because of the popularity of that particular printer model. In some cases, the cartridge for your particular printer may not be available but it depends on the kind of printer you have.

The best bet for finding your cartridge might be to go through an established retailer and using an Ink & toner tool so that you can find the right model. Finding your particular ink cartridge will be dependent on what kind of printer you have and how old the printer is. Many printer manufacturers have discontinued support for certain models but the cartridge models may still be available. It is best to check online before buying.

Cheaper ink cartridge options do not stop with buying cheaper cartridges, sometimes refills can be more affordable. It is important to find out what kind of refill you are getting. Also consider getting a refillable cartridge, this can save you some money in the long run and be a cheaper alternative to buying cheaper cartridges and refills can be good for the planet as well because you will have less printer cartridges left over.

Tips for maintaining your printer

Tips for maintaining your printer

If you want to get the most life out of your printer, you should take the time to maintain it. Maintaining a printer is not a hard task if you know what to do and there are some things that you can do without spending a lot of money. Since most printers have a life span of about several thousand pages or the life of several ink cartridges, making the most of a printer while it is still functioning is important.

It is usually better to do a regular maintenance of the printer once every several weeks rather than to wait for a printer to stop functioning. Taking the time to maintain a printer can make it last longer than it would have without the necessary care and it does not have to cost that much money to maintain a computer. Below are some tips anyone can use to maintain their printer and make it more effective:

The first tip is to protect the printer when it is not in use. One of the most effective ways to do this is to switch off the printer when it is not being used. Another way is to put a dust cover over the printer. This will prevent any dust from getting on to the printer head which can easily damage the printer.

Maximize the print output. If you print a lot of colored documents, you should optimize your printer through a software tweak on your computer to print the RGB colors properly so that the print outs will be richer. Most computers come with the software or you can find it under the Printers and Faxes tab on most computers. The Software will ensure that the printer is printing out properly.

Get a printer cleaning kit. You can get one for the external part of the computer or the internal parts. The kit should include a cloth, lens cover and wipe cloths. You can use these with the instructions to clean the inside of the printer as well as the outside.

Change the cartridge regularly. It is important to ensure that the cartridge is checked and changed often so that it doesn’t affect the performance of the printer.

As with anything in life, a printer needs to be maintained in order to function properly and print high quality documents. These are simple steps that can help in maintaining a printer.

Epson Stylus NX430 Printer Reivew

Reading reviews for printers is a great way to choose the best printer that will suit your needs. There are so many printers available that it can be difficult to wade through the many options. Reading the pros and cons of different printers is one way to make the best selection. The Epson Stylus NX430 Color Inkjet is a wireless “small-in-one” printer. Small-in-one refers to the design of the printer, which is petite but fully functional. It saves space while maintaining the ability to print, scan, and copy documents. This printer offers wireless printing from some phones and tablets. You can even print pictures from SD cards, no computer required.

• This printer is great for printing photos, no matter what kind of paper you intend to print them on.
• You can replace just the ink cartridge you intend to use, unlike printers that require ink in all cartridges to print. If you only intend to print documents with black ink, there is no need to spend money on color cartridges.
• It is very compact in comparison to other “all-in-one” printers.
• It is easy to set up the printer for the first time. No assembly is required either.
• If you have a wireless modem in your house, there is no need to hook the printer to a computer via USB cable.
• The printer is very quiet and quick in comparison to others.
• Printing from an SD card is simple and requires no installation. You can still customize the prints without even using a computer.
• This printer is one of the most affordable options
• Because it is so small, this printer can be stored almost anywhere. Instead of taking up space with a big printer, this one will fit with any workplace. Since it is wireless, it does not even need to be within reach of the computer.

• Some users have expressed concern about the longevity of this printer because the shell does not seem very durable.
• Since this printer is so light, a cat might easily knock it over.
• A USB cord is not included in the box, so if you intend to use a cord to connect it to a computer you must supply one yourself.

How to get cheaper ink cartridges

How to get cheaper ink cartridges

Among the affordable printer cartridges available, there are several types that you will find available, the cheapest, the not so cheap and the cheap. Finding the right cheap printer cartridges is dependent on the printer model and the market for the cartridges. Some printer models do not have a large market and thus the price of a replacement cartridge will not be the same as that for a model that has a large market.

One of the influencing factors on the prices of ink cartridges is the printer model as well as the kind of printer, whether inkjet or laser. Third party manufacturers have actually capitalized on the high prices of branded ink cartridges and today the market for cheaper ink cartridges has grown.If you are looking for a cheap ink cartridge, there are several optional routes that you can take.

The first is through a reputable retailer. These retailers will provide you with a brand name ink cartridge that is affordable but is also backed by a warranty in case it is not as good as the price of the cartridge. There are a number of retailers both online and offline that provide these cartridges and if you know the ink cartridge model for the printer you have, you can walk in and walk out.

The next option which is usually the easiest route to take is online retailers. Since most people buy things online, it is easy to see why this is the easiest route to take. The challenge with buying ink cartridges online is that you may not know if there is a warranty on the cartridges and if you do not have a cartridge number, you may order the wrong one.

The last option is for a cheap alternative to buying printer branded ink cartridges is to go with a refill solution. This basically involves refilling the cartridge without necessarily replacing it. It can be affordable and is a cheaper alternative to buying a new cartridge. In most cases it can be done DIY style although some refills require professional assistance, this depends on the type of cartridge that you are using.

If you are looking for a way to find cheaper ink cartridges, consider these three options and decide on which one is the best for you. it is important to know the common printer cartridge models for your kind of printer so that you find the right model.

Inexpensive Printer Maintenance Procedures Yield Invaluable Rewards

Printers are both our savior and our downfall. When they perform well, we either love them or ignore them. When they perform poorly, we hate them with a passion! Nothing is more unpleasant than having a printer fail when an important job is in progress or ready to go.

Printers fail for a variety of reasons, many of which are beyond our control. Nonetheless, many failures and problems are preventable with regular maintenance. Regular maintenance can also prolong the life of a printer. Happily, many of the most effective maintenance procedures are easy and cheap.

Most printers have plastic gears and moving parts. Those parts don’t stand much of a chance against dust, which wears them away relentlessly once it gets inside the machine. Thus, one of the cheapest maintenance procedures is to keep the machine covered. Along the same lines, if the printer is dusty, wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth to prevent that dust from getting inside the machine. Also, dust that is already inside the machine can be sucked up with judicious and careful use of a vacuum.

If a printer isn’t used often, ink can dry on the print heads or on other parts that it touches. Most printers have built-in routines that clean the nozzles and print heads. Use these routines once a month or so to make sure excess ink is removed from important parts. To access them, select Start>Settings>Printers, then choose the appropriate machine, right-click its icon and select Properties, then select the relevant tab. Another way to remove some excess ink or toner is to run a few blank pages through the machine periodically.

The best medicine for paper jams is to avoid them in the first place. Two practices are useful in this regard. First, keep paper covered. If the machine sits with loaded, exposed paper for a few weeks between each use, that paper will convey a few weeks-worth of dust accumulation into the machine. Even if it doesn’t cause a jam, it will help wear parts down. If the printer hasn’t been used for a while, ditch the top sheet on the tray. Second, slightly damp paper often causes paper clumping. Fluff the paper thoroughly before printing to make sure pages don’t adhere to one another.

Fortunately, printers have improved dramatically over the years. Major issues aren’t common. Nonetheless, having a printer that performs flawlessly when that important job is ready to go is an invaluable reward for a modest effort in maintenance.